S&R Solar Design

Full-Service Consultation, Engineering, Design & Permitting for Residential and Commercial Solar PV Industry

S&R Solar Design is an innovative, award-winning company focusing on design and permitting services in solar PV industry in the North East region and beyond.
We have been serving the design and permitting needs of solar installers and developers, both in large & small scale. 

Over 3,500 solar PV permits have been issued with the direct help of S&R Solar Design!

We offer solar consulting as an a la carte service or combined with design and permitting support.
With our extensive knowledge of solar PV systems and passion for renewable energy, we work with solar companies and installers to design residential and commercial solar permit packages.

We are dedicated to helping our clients & the solar industry grow in a positive direction!

Combined with our extensive knowledge of solar PV systems and passion for renewable energy, we believe we are the perfect team for any solar project.
Our process is fast, cost-effective and accurate.
We guarantee permit approval with professional design, on schedule, and below cost!
S&R Solar Design can also help you…
  1. 01
    Prepare proposals and presentations for your residential and commercial solar projects.
  2. 02
    As a top consultant, we bring over 20 years of combined Design and Engineering experience to our clients. We can provide up-to-date information on Building and Fire codes and regulations pertaining to permitting and interconnection.
  3. 03
    Our team of experienced engineers and CAD professionals provide structural design for the types of projects we have developed an expertise in.
  4. 04
    Our permitting experts have both the administrative and technical expertise to expedite the permit approval process in order to get your project moving forward.
  5. 05
    We examine the electrical systems from the connection of the main line to the wiring of individual outlets; Inspecting appliances that are hardwired into a structure; Making recommendations for electrical system changes; Evaluating site’s electrical system to determine compliance with standards.

Our viewpoint is simple, S&R Solar Design was established to offer consultation, site assessment, design and permitting services to help solar PV installers reduce soft costs and improve profitability. 

We believe permitting, and installing PV systems should be streamlined and cost-effective. Our goal is to help you as an installer and developer, avoid the many diverse pitfalls that can result in construction delays and lost revenue.
With our experience, creativity, and novelty, we can help diminish your installation and permitting time, while designing efficient systems, thereby preventing delays, decreasing time in permitting agencies, streamlining installations, and increasing your cost savings.

Dedicated to complete satisfaction, our team is the one-stop source for all your solar design and expediting needs. When you hire our team, you can trust that you are hiring trustworthy, reputable, and recognized experts in the industry.

S&R Solar Design has been providing services to residential and commercial solar installers and is recognized for high-quality services. 

" We are the leader in solar PV design and permitting in all Fifty States. Let us know what we can do to earn your business!"

Working with us is simple and cost-effective. We are offering a complete suite of site assessment, design, engineering and permitting support services to fit your specific project requirements and timeline. 

We recognize that every project has its own set of unique principles, goals, and schedules, so our services can be custom-tailored to meet your immediate and long-term needs.

S&R Solar Design offers "Flat Fee Professional Packages".
If permitting jurisdictions, utility companies, inspectors, etc. require additional details or information, we will provide you with all the details.
Our fee is already included in all flat-fee permit package pricing!

​We work with installers, sales reps, trade workers, project managers, owners, etc. as necessary to make any needed or desired changes by responding to letters, clarifications, calculations, drawings, objections or corrections, as required to keep your project moving.

We keep our clients satisfied with our professionalism, technical support expertise, and effective communication!
By Chsoing S&R Solar Design you benefit from:
BBB® Accredited Company With Years of Experience
Award-winning Service
Full-service, Turnkey Solar Design and
Permitting Company
Fast Turn-around Time
A Fully Staffed team Dedicated to Your Needs
We offer services in:

-Site Assessment and Evaluation including PV Shading 

-Ground Mount and Roof Mount Pre-Design, Planning and Engineering

-Feasibility Studies 

-Asbestos Investigation and Report (ACP-5)

-Preparing Roof Layout, Electrical Wire Diagrams, Plans, and Elevations

-Drawings for Proposals and Presentations

-Solar Engineering including Roof Load Capacity and Structural Evaluation 

-Preparation of Department of Building’s applications and paperwork

-Filing the applications and plans with your local Building Department  

-Coordination with the solar company for Electrical and Mechanical Specifications  

-Reviewing of plans and revisions to satisfy all comments and resubmit if needed 

-NYSERDA and Interconnection application and submittal

-File for Fire Department variance, ORE, Landmark, and Flood hazard zone projects

-Obtaining Approval, work permit and sign-off

-Professional Certification (Sign & Seal) by Licensed Architect or Engineer

-Inspection of the completed solar electric generating system installation and compliance 
-Project Management 

-Solar Property Tax Abatement Services